Tree Pruning: An Often Forgot About Task

Periodically, trees need pruning or trimming. Due to overgrowth or broken branches, trees need annual maintenance which means pruning or trimming off dead or diseased branches. By removing old branches, further damage is prevented and new growth flourishes. Falling branches can damage your property. You wouldn’t want a branch to fall on your house or car necessitating expensive repair costs. When your trees have overgrowth and diseased or broken branches, these are all signs that your trees need pruning or trimming. If you do not have the skill or equipment to prune your trees, hire a reputable tree service company. A trained and knowledgeable tree service technician will be able to inspect and assess the damage and expertly prune your trees.

For some species of trees, the winter season is the optimal time for pruning or trimming them. With no leaves to clean up, the cuts heal quicker. Pruning encourages bud growth allowing for healthy leaves when the spring season arrives. During the winter season, there is less tree sap which makes it easier to prune your trees. Ask a qualified tree technician to inspect your trees to determine the best time for pruning and trimming them.

You might be wondering about the difference between pruning and trimming a tree. Mainly, tree trimming is performed on shrubs and hedges to keep them in a pleasing shape and appearance. Also, trimming is necessary to ensure proper growth. Tree trimming removes overgrowth and allows for more moisture and light to increase the growth of a shrub, hedge, or bush. Tree branches that cross over one another need room to grow. Pruning improves the growth and health of a tree.

Pruning is done to protect a tree or shrub. Pruning is a preventive and protective measure that rids a plant, tree, or shrub of loose dead leaves and small branches or twigs. Pruning prevents damage to other plants, trees or shrubs. If you want beautiful trees, pruning is necessary to improve the tree’s shape and future health. Pruning can protect against disease, insect damage, and allows for growth. Disease and damage prevent a tree from growing. The idea is allowing the tree to thrive and not to hinder growth. Beautiful trees are important for improved curb appeal and increased property value. By pruning your trees and shrubs, you can maintain a pleasant appearance of your home or business property. For do-it-yourself pruning, you will need equipment such as pruning shears or lopping shears. If you truly want to improve your trees and protect them, consult with an arborist or trees service specialist. They have the training and knowledge and they know which trees need trimming or pruning. They also know the correct time or season to trim certain species of trees. An untrained person can damage a tree because they do not know which branches should be pruned. With fruit and flowering trees, to improve production yield and to protect the trees, hire a professional tree service company. Properly maintained trees live longer.