Patio Installation: The Hard Facts

A patio… we’ve all dreamed about getting one for our homes at least once.


A big outdoor space (or small, if you want), where you can host weekly Sunday BBQs, hang out with your friends, or turn into an open air venue for parties. Anything’s possible with a multifunction patio— we’re sure most homeowners will agree with us on this!


But it’s easier said than done. Installing your very own patio has quite a few steps to it. But with a good concrete contractor— you’ll find yourself with a beautiful patio in no time, with practically little to no effort at all!


Patio installation is a piece of cake— when you’ve got us to guide you through it. We’ll let you in on some insider tips for hiring a concrete company, the right way!


  1.  Legal Documents


Whether you’re looking for a contractor physically or on the internet— it’s important to note their certifications. A reliable and trustworthy company can present the legal documents upon request, and they can guarantee skilled workers who undergo training. In hardscaping and landscaping design, some companies will even have their own professional designers on site.


Pro tip: Call up a bunch of your first picks to pool quotes. Once you’ve surmised the average cost of patio installation in your area, you should get a few bids from contractors that offer reasonable prices inside of your budget.


  1. Design


Most patio installation companies have a portfolio that you can look through. This project compilation solidifies their talent and skill in the industry. And if you’re looking for a legitimate contractor that you can trust to work on your home— portfolios can give you an idea of who they are design-wise. 


Since the design process is pivotal, especially if you already have an idea of what you want, communication between you and the designer is quite important. A designer should consider your landscape and your needs. Heads up, a custom concrete patio might add fees to your bill, so make sure to ask before you agree.


  1. Reviews


Check out the reviews of the concrete company. References from previous clients can help you figure out if they’re up for the job. Look into projects with a similar scope such as yours. Are there any bad reviews? How about customer satisfaction? Did they get it done on time? Questions like these can reveal their workmanship as well as the contractor’s work ethic.


  1. Guarantee


In all projects, insurance is a must. Concrete patio installation is manual work, and you’ve got a team of experts coming in and out of your house and utilities with heavy tools and equipment. The risk of someone getting injured inside of your property is possible, so make sure to ask your chosen concrete contractors if they are liable for compensation insurance. 

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You can also ask your concrete contractor if the patio installation is covered for, in in case of any mishaps. A workmanship guarantee can assure you a conditioned patio in the long run. You can ask how long the warranty is for, and what it covers.